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Cultivating Bamboo on Mars

Why Cultivating Bamboo on Mars and Rover at Dusk?
Cultivating Bamboo on Mars

by JP SpaceCrew

July 27, 2018

Ludovic Celle is a digital artist specializing in 3D modeling, photo-manipulation on Linux-Ubuntu and GIMP, especially in the field of space exploration, science-fiction, ecology and architecture. He's originally from Grenoble, France, and is now living in Oaxaca, Mexico.

He explored Mars through a lot of photo-manipulations based on Kim Stanley Robinson's novel Red Mars, of which Nadia an astronaut and Russian engineer is the heroine. This book is part of a trilogy with "Green Mars" and "Bleu Mars", which explains how the planet would evolve from what it is today, under the influence of the cultures set up by humans, to become greener and finally to look like the Earth. This is a process known as the terraformation of the planet Mars.

Ludovic Celle and his art "Cultivating Bamboo on Mars"
Ludovic has explored different layers of realistic and imaginary visions of the past and future of the Earth and beyond. Growing bamboo on Mars is an idea that came from the book and is described in the first pages. Bamboo should be used as a building material for colonizers, as it is one of the fastest growing and most useful plants. It is brought into spaceships as young shoots, which are then grown in greenhouses. Bamboo can be used for light constructions, partitions and furniture, and it can be eaten as well.
Ludovic immediately liked the idea of ​​bamboo because he himself made bamboo crafts. He has strong values ​​for ecology and world peace.

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Watch the video of his exhibition "Mars la Rouge" (in French) at the City Center Library in Grenoble in 2013:


Rover at Dusk is another of Ludovic's creations that we liked and wanted to feature:

Rover at Dusk
Rover details
You can also consult his website Ludovic Celle.


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